Castle Lipovec in Croatia

The ruins of castle Lipovec are located above the nearby village of Mali Lipovec at 589 m above sea level in the area of Samobor municipality.

Castle was build in the year 1251 by Ivan from nearby castle Okić to defend agains Mongol threat. In the 17th century the castle is already mentioned as a ruin.


There are several legends about castle Lipovec, one of which speaks when the Ottoman army reached the city of Samobor. Part of the army went to town Lipovec passing through the vally. The Turks did not attack any house that would hang a white towel out  the window, meaning peace, and did not commit any crimes. Castle Lipovec resisted and succeeded in defending against the Turkish army. In their attack, the Turkic leader (pasha) was killed and buried. Even today, one can still see in the nearby forest a sign where the tomb of the Turkish leader is supposed to be.



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