Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor visits Slovenia

Jan_Thomas_-_Leopold I

On 7 september 1660, Emperor Leopold I visited Slovenian capitol Ljubljana on his way from Vienna to Gorizia. He announced his visit in mid-July, and the residents of Ljubljana were enthusiastic about his arrival. For the imperial court, 38 large barrels of valuable wines were brought from the country, while the townspeople donated sixteen barrels of Laško beer, a barrel of malvasia wine, six thick oxen and a hundred bags of oats for imperial horses. The delegation that came before the Emperor reviewed all houses in Ljubljana in order to prepare accommodations for the guest’s escort. A reception was held in Šentvid above Ljubljana, on the way to the city walls, Emperor was greeted with flags by groups of citizens, and before the city gate, the Mayor Janez the noble Rernberg addressed and handed him the city keys. The Emperor spent the night in a bishop’s mansion guarded day and night. After nine days, he was taken to Vrhnika on a boat, which was made of gold, and then traveled to Gorica. After three weeks, he returned to Ljubljana with the same boat, and stayed for four days, then returned to his Vienna courtyard.

Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor


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