Church of Saint Donat from 9th century

In 2018 I visited the church of the Saint Donat, which according to legend was supposed to have been built in the ninth century. It is officially dated to the twelfth century. Its ground plan has the shape of a cross and the interior was once decorated with mosaics and frescoes. The church is for the first time mentioned in written records in 1565, when Bishop Donat a Turre was the owner of terrains around settlement Kornić and the church. After his death, his cousins ​​sold the lands and the church, and left it to decay. During the 16th century the ruinous condition of the church is established and it is stated that there is no floor or door, only the altar is preserved. Saint Donat was an early Christian Saint who died of martyrdom during the persecution of Julian the Apostate in the second half of the 4th century. It is obvious that the church received today’s name by the Bishop Donat a Turra who donated it, however, to whom was initially dedicated is unknown. In 1914, thanks to the Austrian conservator Gnirs from Pula, the church was restored. However, immediately after the Second World War, on October 3, 1945, it was severely damaged, especially its dome. Namely, in the immediate vicinity of the church there was an inn of the Maračič family in which during the war partisans stored weapons and ammunition, which exploded that day. The explosion was so strong that it was heard on the whole island, 15 of the islanders who found themselves in the surrounding fields and along the coast, were killed, and in the place of the inn was a crater. Three years later, the church was restored yet again and it got its present appearance. The works were led by architect Aleksandar Freudenreich. At the site of the former inn, the facility was again built, which is still serving for catering purposes, and a small harbor for the vessels of the Kornač villagers is being gradually developed in the vicinity of the church, during the summer and for guests of the same place. The whole region is referred to as “Dunat”.


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