Castle Obererckenstein in Slovenia

Here’s an example of how I turned my original image into a more realistic one using Photoshop. First, I drew a sketch with a pencil on the A4 sheet and then drew out exact details with a 0.05mm thick marker. I downloaded the scanned image into Photoshop and colored it, adding grass and shadow elements. For all I spent about 30 hours.

The picture depicts the castle of Erkenstein (Obererckenstein), which is now completely ruined visible are only the defense ditches. I created reconstruction on the basis of the topography of Johann Weichard Valvasor from the 17th century. and the attempted reconstruction of Slovenian historian Igor Sapač.

On image is a depiction of a Coat of Arms of noble family Altenhaus who were the owners.

Castle is located in settlement Novi Grad in municipality Sevnica, Slovenia.


Images created by Vigilant Knight

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