Travel To Roman Shipyard in Slovenia

Drnovo is a settlement that lies in the middle of the Krško field and belongs to the municipality of Krško, Slovenia.

Drnovo was inhabited at least from about 1200 BC. but the most important archaeological finds are from the Roman period of the city Neviodunum.

The earliest findings are the bronze sword (from the period 1200 BC) and the certosa fibula (from the 5th century BC). Later, in the middle of the 1st century BC, the area around Drnovo was inhabited by the Celtic people called Latobics, which came from the provinces of today’s Czech Republic. In the year 35BC the Drnovo was settled by the Romans when they were on the conquest of Pannonia region. With the settlement of the Romans, the Neviodunum – a new city, with the original military administration, began to be formed. Later, the administration went into civilian hands. In the year 79, the settlement was granted urban rights and elevated it to the municipium with the full name Municipium Flavium Latobicorum Neviodunum.


Images made by Vigilant Knight


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