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Church of Saint Mary (she was the mother of Jesus Christ)


Country: Slovenia
Region: Lower Carniola
Settlement: Grič pri Klevevžu
Object: Church of Saint Mary
Firt mention: in the year 1581
Preservation: Preserved building

Settlement Slape (Zlab) is mentioned for the first time in the written sources between 1192 and 1197, and according to historian Milko Kos, Slape (villa que dicitur Zlab) is also mentioned in 1215. In historian Blaznik discussion on landownership of the territory in the Lower Carniola region, he also states that in 1509 at the Church of Saint Mary in settlement Slape pri Klevevžu (bei vnser frauen khirchen zu Lap or zu Slaap bei Clingenfelss), the feudal feud refers to the manor now lost to the history. The church of Mary is also mentioned in the Bisanti Paolo census of 1581. However, mentioned church os Saint Mary is an older  building, which was rebuild by Jurij Moscon in 1628. Today’s church building is listed in the documents from 1614 and 1677, as well as Valvasor’s book “Die Ehre dess Hertzogthums Crain” from 1689, and in the 18th century records from 1752 and 1757.

In 1622, the Klevevž estate was bought by Yuri noble Moscon from castle Leskovec in the municipality Krško. With this act the centennial ownership of the Freising diocese over this territory ceased. Moscon also build himself a tomb in the church where he was buried in 1628. As mentioned today’s Moscon Church has inherited an older one whose remains can still be felt in the lower, square part of the mighty belfry. The stone portal with stonemasonic signs on the floor of its western wall also produces a gothic form. According to some researchers, even the remains of a Romanesque church with a cornice can be hidden in the lower part of the tower, as was also the old parish church in Šmarjeta. According to others, the bell tower was originally an independent standing medieval tower.


Images made by Vigilant Knight

source: Image of Saint Mary made by Duccio in 1284

45°54’10,63″ N 15°14’23,72″ E


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