In Search Of A New Karst Cave System

Country: Slovenia
Region: Lower Carniola
Municipality: Radeče
Settlement:  Zavrate
Object: alleged karst cave system
Condition: buried

In 2015, I went on an expedition to the hilly mountain in the vicinity of city Radeče in order to discover a new karst cave, because the surrounding hills are not explored yet. I paid more attention to the large streams in the hills where the water flows. At the location Zavrate near Radeče, water flowes through a big hollow. Soon I noticed fractured segments of rocks which are created only inside karst cave systems. While exploring the rocks I also found a lot of beautyfull fossils. I continued walking along the hollow to the source of water, which begins under a huge rock but was buried under a few meters of earth. I tried to dig the hole to find the entrance to the karst cave, but after a few hours of digging, I decided to quit and return later with better digging equipment. I hope that one day I will find a team to help me with the dig and that the cave will be discovered.


Images made by Vigilant Knight and friend Andraž Bedene


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