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According to Johann Weikhard von Valvasor, the settlement Pobrežje was named after the growing birch trees (birch is in Slovene called breza).
German name Freienthurn itself means a free tower and refers to the time of the Turkish invasions, when most cities and settlements in the area were destroyed except for the sanctuary of the free tower.
In my personal opinion, the name “Pobrežje” is derived from the combined words “ob-rež-je”, which relates to a narrow border crossing.

Pobrežje (SLO), Freythurn, Freienthurn (DEU)

Litography of castle Pobrežje made in 1679 by Johann Weikhard von Valvasor.

Country: Slovenia
Region: Lower Carniola
Municipality: Črnomelj
Settlement: Pobrežje 
Object: castle Pobrežje
First mention: in 1557
Preservation: ruin

*Johann von Lenkovitsch asked Austrian Emperor Ferdinand I. if he can build a new castle in Pobrežje. In 1550 his wish was granted and seven years later castle Pobrežje was build. He also settled in his new estates irregular army called Uskoks.
*The Pobrežje castle was built as a fortress against the Turkish invasions on the site of one of the most frequent incursions to Carniola region. Originally an old tower was standing on the site which was incorporated in to the castle and was expanded. A massive anti-Turkish wall with shot lines and towers was connected to the castle and inside was an old church and small houses used by the locals in time of danger. People also used this sanctuary as a market place.
*Turks besiged fortress Pobrežje several times but were unsuccessful.
*In 1575 a combined calvary knights from Carniola, Styria and Carinthia gatherd in the castle Pobrežje and prepared for impending battle with Turkish army that was massing in Budaschki. Five Turkish begs had assembled well-equipped army for invasion of Croatia. Christian leader Herbart VII von Auersperg with his son Wolf Engelbrecht and their 50 horse knights went from safty of Pobrežje castle to the city of Budaschki and called for reinforcements from surrounding lords and Croatian nobleman Tušilovič. In the dawn about two thousand Christian knights attacked vangard of the Turkish army but did not expect a force of a full twelve thousand troops massing upon them. A Croatian nobleman Ivan Voljkovič was surrounded and Herbard with his knights tried to free him from the encirclement but Herbarts horse was shot dead and they fell on the ground. One of the Turks decapitated Herbart and brought his head to his master Ferrath beg. Christian army was completly defeated with 200 dead and about 2000 captured. Later the family Auersperg bought back the head of  Herbart VII von Auersperg for 20.000 gold coins. With that money Ferrath beg build a mosque Ferhardija
in the Bosnian city Sarajevo.
*In the 17th century the old church was demolished and in its place a new larger church dedicated to Saint Florian was build by noble Purgstall. Today church is in ruins.
*During the years 1942 and 1943, the castle was under Italian fascists controle who stole most of the valuables. On the 29 August 1944 and 22 March 1945 Nazis attacked the castle because it was used as a base of operation for partisan forces and was burned down. After the war no effort was made to restore it so it is in ruines state to this day.
* The Road Administration demolished a round tower and a part of the wall.
*Today castle ruins are used as a house for two families.

Reconstruction of castle Pobrežje made by Vigilant Knight

1557 Johann von Lenkovitsch
1564 Christoph Purgstall
1587 Adam Purgstall
16th century Adams widow Catherine Gusič(Gall)
1599 Baron Georg Lenkovitsch
1614 Johan Adam Count Purgstall
1614 Janez Christopher and Janez Baltazar
1614 Jernej and Mihael Monfrienoma
1743 Andreas Daniel Barbo
1752 Baron Andreas Daniel Barbo and Leopold Bonazzi
1773 Countess Francis Auersperg
1797 Baron Alois Apfaltrer
1904 Daniel Makar and Julij Mazelle
20th century Peter Rauch
1914 Land Bank in Prague
20th century Anton Zurch


Images made by Vigilant Knight

Grajske stavbe v osrednji Sloveniji, Ivan Stopar

Source: History of Carniola
Source: Grad Pobrežje wikipedia
Source: Gradovi v Sloveniji
Source: Gradovi v Sloveniji
Source: Krajinski park Kolpa

Latitude: 45 ° 31’51.88 “S
Longitude: 15 ° 18’43.04 “V


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