The Devil’s Castle👹

Tvarog, Torog, Terog (SLO) Twaroch, Twarg, Torak (DE)


The name Tvarog or Svarog is derived from an ancient supreme God and father of all Slavic gods. Tva – means two and rog – meanes horn, so it literally means two horned. In the time of Christianization, the pagan God was demonized and became vrag, which means the Devil.

Country: Slovenia
Region: Styria
Municipality: Krško
Settlement: Dobrova
Object: castle Tvarog
First mention: in the year 1246
Preservation: partial traces

The first indirect reference is from 1246 and 1268, when a mention is made of a knight Prehtlinus de Twaroch. The first direct mention of the castle itself is in 1300 as a burg

Saint Hemma of Gurk

Twarg. By folklore the first owner of the castle was Saint Hemma of Gurk in the 11th century.
Today at the top of a very steep 659 m high hill, only two defensive ditches are visible, which are cut in a solid rock. Between the ditches two mounds are covered by trees, from which the two towers like horns of a pagan God were rising. The towers were conected by elevated bridge above the trench with natural steep sloopes of a hill on each side.

After Vigilant Knight was reading an old Slovene legend about castle Tvarog, he noticed that the location of the castle is fairly accurately depicted. After researching old maps, he found the location described in the story, a hillside called Tvarog! So he went on expedition to the location in the search of a forgotten castle. When he arrived, he did not know exactly where to go, so he asked one of the elderly locals if he had ever heard of an old castle nearby. To his surprise, the man replied that a castle called Tvarog stood on his estate and showed him the top of the hill just 200 meters away. Later, a small archaeological expedition was carried out on the site, which confirmed the existence of the castle which location was previously unknown.

11th century Saint Hemma of Gurk (not verified)
1246 Prehtlinus de Twaroch
13th century Oton ?
before 1300 Reinprecht von Sperrenberg
1309 Henry von Gabern
1316 Wolfing Twarog (born Sperrenberg)


Images made by Vigilant Knight

Grajske stavbe v osrednji Sloveniji, Ivan Stopar

Source: Grad Tvarog wikipedija
Source: A Journey Through Slavic Culture
Source: Saint Hemma of Gurk
Source: Gradovi v Sloveniji

46°3’19,17″ N 15°28’4,78″ E


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