Johann Lenkovitsch

Johann Lenkovitsch (DE), Ivan Lenkovič

Tombstone of Lenkovitsch in Franciscan Church in Novo mesto

Johann Lenkovitsch was born in LikaCroatia. At the pressure of the Turks, his family fled to Carniola in Slovenia. As barons, they had possession between the Kolpa and Krka rivers. Their most important estate was Pobrežje castle at river Kolpa by the site of one of the most frequent incursions of Turks to Carniola region. He became the commander of the Slovenian Military Region in White Carniola (White as in white Croats that were settled in Slovenia). As a general, he organized a defense against the Turkish invasion. He build the Pobrežje castle and Nehaj castle in Senj. He distinguished himself in the defense of Vienna in 1529.
Klis Fortress was on 7 April 1569, liberated from the Turkish occupation by noblemans Ivan Alberti and Nikola Cindro. Bey Mustafa responded by bringing under Klis Fortress more than 10,000 Turkish soldiers. General Johann Lenkovitsch with 1,000 uskoks came as a relief force, to some 1500 defenders of the Klis Fortress. During the battle, Johann Lenkovitsch withdrew, after he himself was wounded, and the fortress was conquered by the Turks, on 31 May 1569.
Johann Lenkovitsch died on 22 June 1569 in Metlika and is buried in Franciscan Church in the city of Novo Mesto.

On a black shield is a depiction of a golden griffin with snake tail and sometimes bat wings. Mythological creature is a combination of a griffin and dragon. Dragon represents a valiant defender of treasure, valour and protection. Griffin represents valour, vigilance and death-defying bravery.

GOLD: topaz, magnificence, reputation, supremacy, dignity, wealth.
BLACK: diamond, persistence, humility, peace, death, ruin, sadness.

Coat of Arms drawn by Johann Weichard Valvasor in 17th century

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