The castle fates on Seisenburg


Castle Lord Yuri Auersperg had in Switzerland an illegitimate son Gregor, whom he refused to recognize as his own. So the boy lived in poverty and the more he grew up, the more the desire for revenge arose in him. When his father Yuri Auersperg and his half brother, noble Wolfgang died in 1559, Gregor decided to take by force what belonged to him. With 18 Neapolitaners, he came to his father`s castle Seisenburg (today Žužemberk), right on the Lord’s donation day the fair day.

Herbart Auersperg
Herbart Auersperg

He did not hesitate, but with his helpers climbed over the walls and took the castle. The castle caretaker managed to escape in time and collect some farmers who were soon joined by the famous Baron Herbard Auersperg, General of the Military Region. They attacked the castle and defeated Gregor and his Neapolitaners. Eight of Gregor`s troops were thrown over the walls, and under the castle were greeted  by farmers with there raised spears. The rest were caught and, like Gregor mercilessly killed. They did not bury them. They were dragged into a forest where their bodies were left to wild animals.

Soon after this event, another tragedy occurred. Baroness Ana from Egkh, wife of Baron Ivan Auersperg from Schonenberch (today Šumberk), was attacked and killed by a circus bear in 1575 in the castle yard. In memory of this tragic event, a linden tree was planted in the courtyard, which lasted for 424 years (it was cut down in 1999). This event also ended the line of noble Schonenberch because Ana did not have children and her devastated husband never remarried.

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