The curse of the two ravens

Coat of arms Metlika
Coat of arms of the city Metlika from 17th century

Countess with a very hard heart lived in Metlika castle. She took from farmers more than agreed tenth of their food, and if anyone resisted, they were locked up in a castle tower. When she was angry, and this was very common, she cursed so hard that everyone was stricken with fear and terror. Her curse had special power. The one she cursed was turned to stone! At that time, Metlika was often attacked by the Turks. Because the castle was guarded day and night, they could not take it, but rather they retaliated over the poor farmers and burned their homes.
One night, the castle guards fell asleep, and exactly that night the Turks came. They climbed over the castle walls and broke into the castle. When Countess realized that the Turks took over the castle without a fight, she cursed the two sleeping guards in a violent anger. “Damn you, drowsy! Now, you’ll be ravens for all the time!”
She barely spoke and already the two guards turned into black ravens and glided to the top of the castle tower.
The Turks killed Countess, and the castle was looted and burned down. Only the castle tower was left unharmed, on which two black ravens stood.
The lonely tower has collapsed in the long centuries. There is no trace of that castle, and today the city Metlika still has coat of arms with two black ravens on a tower, as a memory of the sad Metlika`s past.

City Metlika in 17th century
City Metlika in 17th century

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