There were once two women in the field. On the way home, they were gathering blueberries. In a moment, the bad little Perhmandelc attacked them with a whip. The frightened women were fleeing, and the dwarf was chasing them with the loud zaps from a whip. One of the women hid in a high-rye and watched the little dwarf run past her and chase her sister in the woods. The woman sad that the dwarf looked as always: small statued creature, with a red hat, a green jacket and red pants. The legs that looked from trousers were covered with scales. Above the heels he had hairs, such as we see in a goat.
Usually, Perkmandeljc lived in an iron mining trench or in carst caves close to water. He was an ancient pre-christian patron of the shepherds. But if you laughed at him, he had quck temper and started throwing bolders down on you, and you had to run as fast as your feet carried you.



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