Do not curse the God of wind🌫❄

It was some autumn day. The fog covered the sun all day long and the cold North was blowing. But one old woman did not like this. The wind continued to carry her yarn away, and she started to curse the cold wind. Now an old man approached her with a stick in his hand and scars all over his face. When he was at the old woman, he asked her what she wants from him. The old man was the god North himself. The woman was still cursing and calling him names. Now the old man said, “You see, evil woman, the one you curse and insult, it’s me. Look at my face, how I am disfigured, because I have to overflow through every bush and thorn. You are cursing me! You think that I do this on purpose? No, it is the will of the God! ”
When the woman realised who he was, she was so petrified that she could not say a single word and fell to her knees. The North lifted her up and carried her over the hills and valleys, and the woman was never seen again.

The God North is one of four wind gods and an ancient minor Slavic God. There is a saying, If someone was hanged, the winds were blowing around him until he was cut down and buried. If not, the winds would not stop. In Slovenia there was an old tradition where food was donated in the form of a small loaf of bread that was broken up into four pieces, so all four winds got their share.


Web: Društvo Staroverci
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