The ghost of a black fisherman💀

Once upon a time, a young fisherman was fishing in the river Kolpa under the Wolf`s  castle (today called Kovačji Grad). But not only the fish brought him there. He was enchanted by the singing of the lovely castle princess Ludmila, who sang like a mountain fairy. Thus, every morning and every night, the fisherman listened to her. It was hard for him to see the night and even harder to wait till morning to see her again. And so was the fisherman often under the castle rowing and waiting for her to came.
The church bell invited the Christians for the service of God on the Lord’s day. Only the young fisherman again was under the castle in waiting for the morning fog to rise. From the castle, the seductive song was heard, and his heart was full of hope. “Oh, what a song and who knows any girl who can sing like her!” said the fisherman. Such a voice, gentle, magical as the voices of mountain faries. It’s no wonder that the fisherman was lured, even so that he forget about himself. He wants to be there.
The fisherman cried out at the beautiful sky and asked the God Himself to leave this joy of Heaven and fulfill only one desire, to listen to this angelic voice forever! But what a terrible wish of desire this was. God heard the voice of the young fisherman`s oath, and his girlfriend will sing, but the day of judgment will come. Absent fisherman stared at the castle, and forgot to oar. But the boat glided. It is driven by the power of the river until it slided under the foamy waterfall and the waves  buried the fisherman, never to be seen again, only a scream of horror is heard from the castle.
Many waves have past down the river, and the castle is in ruins for a long time and in the night of horror, a ghost of a black fisherman silently rides his boat and a sad song echoes from the rocks.

The castle
The view from now demolished castle Wolfsperg

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