Bells waterfalls

According to the legend, the castle Klevevž was built by the giants who came from the village of Mokronog. They were helped by bricklayers who at the same time also built the castle Čretež. The mortar for the castle was made with salt and sea water. Every day, they brought 10 wagons of it. Both castles were connected by an artificial underground tunnel.
There still is a carst cave under Klevevž, where people in difficult times took refuge, especially in the time of attacks by Hungars and Turks. Natives also hid valuables and money there. The story tells us that at the end of this carst cave there are three chests of gold coins and that nobody has ever found. At one time, some old man tried to get to the treasure. He went to the cave with a candle in his hand, and when he was already quite deep, the candle extinguished. He was in the darkness and suddenly heard three deep sighs. A terrible fear possessed him and he ran but could hardly find an exit.
Castle owners shut off the cave by a massive wodden doors. Later a part of it was used for food storage, but one morning they found all the meat outside on a tree. They say that in the cave lives a devil who keeps treasure, buried in chests, but does not like meat.

Today you can visit two out of four carst caves under the castle Klevevž ruins. They are several hundred meters long, but are not explored completly. There is also a clean hot spring water that sproughts out under the cave. In one legend there was a fifth carst cave that after a long time you came to a huge chaimber with a lake inside. The described location of its entrance is where the ruins of a colapsed tower are.

The name Klevevž is derived from its german name Klingenfells. Castle got its name after the riverbed of a torrent. After a massive rain, water arose rapidly and inside the carst cave you can hear the pounding of waves echoing and it sounds as if the church bells  are singing, hence the name Bells waterfalls.Klevevž



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