The Tower Graben

Country: Slovenia
Region: Lower Carniola
Municipality: Novo mesto
Settlement: Graben
Object: Graben Tower (Turn zu dem Graben)
First mention: in the year 1350 as Graben
Preservation: Strongly processed building

*In 1170 the knights Konrad and Grimaldi from the tower Graben were mentioned.
*In 1330 the owner Ulrich II from Graben is mentioned.
*According to Johann Weichard Valvasor (17th century historian), the access to the tower was by a long wooden bridge that was connected to the middle of a tower.
*In a battle the knight Ruth from Graben was gravely wounded and captured by the Turks. After paying high ransom, he was released from captivity.
*In the 16th century the tower was bought by the noble Mordax, an aditional defense wall, ditch and a draw bridge were built by the owners.
*The English who arrived at the Graben with the Austrian soldiers to defend Lower Carniola from the Napoleonic Grande Army drank water from the spring near the tower and named it Hessenbrunn as it is called to this day.

Noble Graben family was first mentioned in the 12th century and originaly came from the tower of Graben in the Novo mesto. Graben family were an important noble family with several castles, including Kornberg, Sommeregg, Heinfels, Herbstenburg, Straß and Steiermark, Riegersburg, Lienz, castle Stein and Stein, Drautal and others. Their most important representative was the Carinthian politician and diplomat Virgil von Graben.

Graben pri Novem mestu
Coat of arms of noble Graben

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