The hungry man

In the time when the owener of the castle Vrhovo (Freihoff) was a noble Hans Adam from Werneck, something strange happened in this place. It was in a year when the harvest was poor and hunger became unberable, so it was that the people mixed walnut shells, dried grape scraps, oak crust and all of this crushed in to powder and from this they baked distasteful bread.
A poor and halfway dead man came to the castle and asked noble Hanns to give him for
God sake something to eat, because he would like to once again eat, before he would die, and to cheer his heart and fill the hungry soul for one last time.
The noble Hans, who was so mercifully beged, found pitty for the man and ordered his servants to give him as much food as he wants. And they brought him all kinds of food and he feasted as never before. But if after a long starvation you eat too much at once, it is mostly life-threatening and such was in this case when this man was mercifully fed. This quick refueling of stomach after a long shortage led to a sudden and dangerous change. The man fell down the stairs and all those present thought, he was dead. So the poor dead man was put on vapor and taken to church and according to valid customs to be buried. But when at the funeral  assistants dug the grave and were about to burry the man, suddenly came out of nowhere so severe and sudden storm, that the body was left at the cemetery and all quickly retreated to a nearby house.
But the rain awakened the dead man from a deep unconscious state and he came
to himself, so much so that he stood up straight and left the cemetery. Even before the funeral procession noticed anything in the severe rain. And when the rain came to an end they went back to the grave to get the body buried yet again, they saw only empty stretchers. The procession was horrified so they ran back to the castle to tell the lord about this miracle, but there they saw a man back from the dead, dressed, sitting on the stairs. The man went back to his place of residence, here where is more pleasant than the cold grave, because, yes he hoped where they showed him so much kindness he would get some more food.

Jacques Callot, Beggar with Rosary (ca. 1622)



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