The Legends Of The Old Castle

*One of them tells us that the castle was built by the great Samson himself (man of the sun). In the fourteen days, he would pick up as many stones as he needed for masonry in nearby fields. At the end of the 19th century at the entrance to the castle was still a painting of a giant that held on the corner of the castle. That’s supposed to be Samson.
*According to the second story, the Old Castle (Altenburg) was supposed to be built by bricklayers – giants who were so large that they were passing rocks from one to the other workers in the quarry. They were supposed to use seawater for masonry, and the wall was so strong  that it resisted all the enemy invasions.
* By the folk tradition, the castle was once saved from the Turks by beehives that were thrown at them.
*Not only the mythological giants were strong, but also the noble lords of the Old Castle. One of them was so big and heavy that he could not ride a single horse. At Gorica he rode two horses at once, he scatered the whole Huns’ army and pierced the powerful Attila The Great, before whom the whole world was trembling.
*The other story tells us that a golden calf is buried in the valley below the castle, and in the castle cellar is a chest full of gold, protected by the very devil, which had a special room that was called the devil’s den.
*With successful defenses against the Turks, in 1528, knight Erasmus from Obratschan  the owner of Old Castle was celebrated as one of the most heroic knights of his time. In two years, the Turks again invaded the country. One of these Turkish invasions is also connected with the story of the Turkish head, a man’s relief with a turban on his head, which was built in the wall of the castle staircase. In 1946 the head was still present but later disappeared. The story of this head is known in several versions. According to one of them, the castle knight Erasmus, was chopping heads of the Turks, and in the memory and reminder one of the cut-off Turkish heads was inserted into the castle wall. Erasmus was later killed by the Turks in a battle.
*There were precious archives in the castle. Some of these were stolen by Italian soldiers during the Second World War, but most of them were destroyed during the burning of the castle itself in 1944, when the Partisans burned it down. Later the Old Castle was rebuilt.

Coat of Arms of Erasmus from Obratschan owner of Old Castle

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