The Lady

The Lady
The castle Mehovo was one of the largest and most powerful in the country. The castle Lord took his Lady to the window and said, “Rejoice, the whole world that you can see from here is God`s and ours.” The Lady said, “I know very well that all this is God’s and ours, but I can not rejoice. I have prayed at home, I have walked in God’s paths, but God did not want to hear our desire to give us the greatest gift, a daughter or a son. I’m already getting old and I feel that I’m going to get very ill. ”
Shortly afterward, the Lady went to bed and lay down for seven years and seven months. All the celebrated doctors came and tried to heal her, but she did not recover.
Our Lady looks out the window on a green hill and says: “Something tells me that I would certainly be happy if I could walk through our beautiful mountain forest of Gorjanci.”
And the Lord answered sadly, “My poor wife, how shall you walk in the midst of the mountains, when you can not even turn yourself on the bed?”
An old leper beggar comes to the castle. The servants shout: “Get out of here quickly so that our sick lady will not catch your disease!”
But the lady said: “Do not drive away from the house the poor man. Do you not know that the poor are the friends of the God and our advocates with Him? Give him roasts and wine and prepare a noble bed.”
The beggar eats, drinks and sleeps in the castle, but before he leaves he thanks the beautyfull lady and says, “Here is the root of the forest mountain. It has grown seventy and seven fathoms underground, and has helped so far to anyone who has tied it around himself. It gives to the healthy a great strenght that can not be overcome by no hero. He who is meant to die will live for three days more, than is intended for him. But for the ill, some are completly healed and some for at least seven years. This root will give you the strength to go if you will to the forest mountain today. ”
The Lady tastes the strange root, jumps healthy to her feet and goes strait to the mountain. She arrives to a spring of water and captures it in a bowl. The cup becomes black. She pours toxic water and goes on. She reaches the second spring and captures water. The cup becomes bloody. The lady pours out the spilled water and steps on. She reaches the third well and captures water. The bowl lights up and blooms. In the bowl, a red carnation and white lily appear. The Lady drinks and her drink is sweeter than honey. She drank the first cup and felt healthier than she was before the illness. She drank the second cup and felt more strong, than she was before the illness. She drank a third cup and she become young, as she was when she married her gentleman.
She places the cup in the green grass and folds her sleeves and washes hands and face. Her hands become white as snow, her cheeks read like a Polish poppy, and in the water she saw herself, God has restored all of her beauty. She jumps and runs back home.
The Lord stood at the door and asked the servant, if she knew who this gorgeous woman was coming to the castle.
The lady heard these words and put her arms around him and said, “Why are you looking at me so strange as if you did not know your Lady? I knew that I would be happy if I went to the mountain. Now, something tells me that God will also give us sons and daughters.”
The Lord was filled with joy and made a big feast and invited all of his people. They all ate and drank for so long that some of them are still eating and getting drunk to this day.
A clear spring, which rejuvenated the castle Lady, is still called after her and the memory of this story.




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