Turjak Castle (Auersperg)

Turjak Castle (Auersperg)
In the old archives from the times before the Christ, here was a city called Aurupenum. Roman Emperor Octavianus Augustus conquered this city with his army in year 31AD but did not destroy it and left it back to its inhabitants. In 451, King Atilla The Hun completely ruined and destroyed this city. Later the inhabitants built the castle Turjak (Auersperg), which is almost completely demolished today, and only a modest ruin can be seen. The castle was first destroyed in 1190, but Count Adolf Auersperg rebuilt it. In 1200 the castle was again captured during the war between Auerspergs and Ortenburgs. The castle was destroyed by an earthquake in 1511, and in 1570 a new one was built nearby, which has been preserved to this day. On 19 September 1943, the castle was captured by the Partisans after the German occupation. The severely damaged and burned castle was later restored.

Castle Auersperg in the 1700s AD

Coat of Arms of Auersperg
On a red shield there is a depiction of a gold, now extinct Auroch. By the legend there was one last large wild Auroch living in the vicinity of todays castle and was killed by the first nobleman who named themselfs and the castle after the last living animal in Slovenia.

A drawing of one of the last surviving aurochs, in the 1500s AD



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  1. Alli Templeton 21 Feb 2019 — 8:36 pm

    Great castle with a fascinating history.

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