Church of Saint Ulrich in Vihre

In the vicinity of the church there once existed a Roman settlement, which was a part of a large roman city of Neviodunum. On site, cemeteries, urns, water pipes and a fountain were discovered. Prehistoric ceramics were also found.

The church itself was build at least as early as the 15th century. She received today’s image after complete processing in the 19th century. During the processing, a fresco from the 15th century was discovered on the wall.

Saint Urlich fresco from 15th century

The church is placed on an artificially raised plateau on which a Roman military camp from the 1st century stood. Alongside plateau a partially preserved roman defensive trench remains.

According to the tradition, the church has been placed on this location, because there used to be a lake here and a long time ago the church stood on the shore of this lake. Certainly, there is some truth to it, because it is known that the churches in honor of Saint Urlich were usually placed in the vicinity of a water. According to the lidar images, it is evident that the river Sava ran by the church and the entire area was flooded, more than 1000 years ago. Untitled-1


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  1. Interesting history, especially appreciated the mention of lidar imagery and the note about the fresco. Thank you for visiting and following my blog about prayer, Call for Fire Seminar.

  2. A very belated comment on your blog and welcome to my own. I know very little about Slovenia but gather it’s a beautiful place full of wildlife and open countryside. Your posts about your country’s history are full of interest.

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