Noblewoman and the dwarf

The noblewoman from the Old Castle sat in a carriage and drove to the castle of Škofja Loka, where she was invited to play cards. She drove herself, but when the carriage broke down on a steep and rocky road, she cried: “Oh, why did not I take the coachman with me! Now, there is no living soul that would help me, but I myself can not repair the carriage. Oh, Oh, whoever would came to pass by and repair my carriage, I would give him what ever he wanted! ”
Her whimper was heard by the forest dwarf, who was napping in his rock cave. He jumped to his feet and hurried to the noblewoman. “What will you give me?” the dwarf asked for payment. “Whatever you want, you will get!” Promised the noblewoman. “Tomorrow I will come to the Old Castle to collect my payment. Do you promise, that mine shall be, what I will first see on the castle window?”
“I promise,” laughed with ease the noblewoman, because at the castle window, she had a cage with a nightingale who sang from dawn to dusk and he cheered up her daughters  heart.
The dwarf repaired the chariot and the following morning came for payment. At the castle window, the first thing he saw was the noblewoman`s daughter standing by her  nightingale. When the girl saw him, she cheered with joy and hurried to her mother and called out, “Oh, mother, a man came to the castle with a beard and no bigger than a goat!” The noblewoman turned pale and said, “Woe, my daughter, woe! This is a forest dwarf who has come to take you for his wife!”
The noblewoman`s daughter was crying, and the forest dwarf comfort her and sad, he will come tomorrow because she was sad today. Before leaving the castle, he told the girl: “If you will guess tomorrow, what is my name, you can stay with your mother.”
The next morning,  came to the castle, a shepherd, who tended for the sheep. He said that he saw a bonefire in the forest, and beside it a dwarf that danced and sang:
“It is a good thing that the noblewoman`s daughter does not know my name, that I am Čatež, a forest dwarf who will go to the castle for his wife!”
When the next day dwarf came, the noblewoman grabbed his beard so hard, that he bleated from the pain, like a goat, and the daughter sang:
“It’s good that we both know your name, you are Čatež, a babbling dwarf!” If you grew up for one more, I would go with you to your lodge, and you would be my husband!” Just go Čatež, a forest dwarf, somewhere else to look for your wife! ”
Thus, the dwarf let loose the daughter. The noblewoman chase away the dwarf and close the castle door behind him.

Forest dwarf
Forest dwarf

4 thoughts on “Noblewoman and the dwarf

  1. Very similar to the Rumplestiltskin story.

    1. VigilantKnigh 28 Feb 2019 — 7:14 pm

      Yes it’s really similar. The original story is probably thousands of years old and various versions have been developed in different countries.

  2. Thank you, VigilantKnigh, for subscribing to my blog!

    1. VigilantKnigh 28 Feb 2019 — 5:47 am

      You are welcome!

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