The giant girl

In the beech forest of settlement Crngrob once lived a giant girl. She was such a giant that she could look across the highest oak. When she saw a plowman in the field at the pure brook Selščica, she laughed so much that all the forest was trembling and that before her breath the trees were bending like grain. She would love to play with a live toy – a farmer. She did not do this because a farmer would die of fear, if he small as a worm was in her palm.
For breakfast, the giant girl could eat three, seven for a lunch, and nine sheep for dinner. Her herd had so many sheep that she was never hungry. The sheeps multiplied from day to day. When she was thirsty she stepped with one leg on the top of Šmarna mountain, and with the other on Šmarjeta mountain, she leaned off and drank from Sava river.
One day, the lord commanded his serfs to build in the middle of crngrob a church. “I want to have such a church,” he said, “like no other in the territory of the Loka!” And the serfs went to work. They worked and worked, but there was no end to the building, because the master came every day: “Let the church be even greater!”
And the serfs shuddered and muttered and cursed their master. On their bleeding shoulders they carried heavy rocks.
In the middle of the work, when the difficulty was the greatest, they were visited by the giant girl. “So, what are you doing little worms?” she asked them. “We are building a church,” they told her and complain to her about their suffering, because of the hard rocks they carried. “If you want, I will help you,” she said. “So help us, take the heavy burden from us!”
She went working. She brought the masons huge rocks in the apron, but in the giant pail she supplied water. With one foot she stepped to the top of Šmarna mountain, with the other on the Šmarjeta mountain, scooped water from the Sava river and poured it into a trough in which the men mixed the mortar.
When the church was build, the giant girl died. The serfs buried her in the Crngrob forest. One of her rib was taken away from her and hung from the church in her memory.

*In the church of revelation to Mary, the mother of Jesus you can still see the giant rib of “the giant girl”. In reallity the rib is from a mammoth.

The giant girl

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  1. Sorry u told in seriousness and I made a stupid joke

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