Castle Žusem

Castle Žusem
Title: Siessenheim
Author: Vischer, Georg Matthaeus
Year: 1628-1696

Country: Slovenia
Region: Styria
Municipality: Šentjur pri Celju
Settlement: Dobrina
Object: castle Žusem (Süssenheim)
Construction: probably in the 12th century
Conservation: Ruin

* The name Süßen-Heim means sweet home.
*Castle is indirectly named for the first time in the donation document when mentioning  of the Knight Poppo de Suzzenhaim.
* The first direct mention of the castle goes back to the year 1364, when the Žusem castle is mentioned as vest Suzzenhaim.
* In the Middle Ages, Žusem belonged to the Urwald area, an area that was repeatedly affected by the Turkish invasions and plague.
* On May 6, 1635, the castle was robbed and devastated by rebellious farmers.
* In 1695 the rebuild castle burnt down.
* In 1864 the castle was purchased by L. Fieglmüller and in 1871 he revealed the roof of the castle so that he did not have to pay tax, and thus the castle was left to collapse. Today only a massive ruin remain.




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