Castle Šumberk

NAME: Šumberk, Schönberg, Sconenberge, Schoenberg

Image hand drawn by Vigilant Knight

Country: Slovenia
Region: Lower Carniola
Municipality: Trebnje
Settlement: Sela pri Šumberku
Object: castle Šumberk
Origin: First indirect mention in year 1141
Conservation: Ruins

* The name Šumberk is derived from the german word schön (beautiful) and berg (mountain).
* The castle was probably built before the first indirect mention in the year 1106.
* In the year 1141 the Vassal of the Archbishop of Salzburg is mentioned as the Count Meginhardus de Sconenberge.
* In the foot of the castle ruins still stands the chapel of St. Catherine, which was built in the 12th century.
* In 1443 Hans II from Schönberg died. He was the last of the Šumberg noble family.
* In the 15th century the castle was in ruins. Cause of the destruction is unknown. In 1463 Emperor Friderik III allowed the owners, noble Auersperg to restore the castle and further fortified it.
* The castle Šumberk was abandoned and left to ruin in the beginning of the 17th century.

* According to the folk tradition, castles Šumberk and nearby castle Kozjak were built at the same time with a single hammer by two brother giants.
*According to story, a deep basement in which there are three vats full of gold and silver is preserved under the ruins of the castle. The treasure is protected by a black dog, from which flames are spewing out of the mouth. Beside the middle vat, a giant white snake with a golden crown with embedded diamond is wrapped. This snake is supposed to be cursed  Queen who is waiting for a brave young man to save her. This young man will be born on a bonefire day at midnight, and he will speak to the snake in God’s name. Then the curse will be broken, and the beautiful Queen will become a young man’s wife. The story also says that the cradle of the savior will be built out of wood of spruce, which grows among castle ruins. However, since the spruce has dried up, the castle is still destroyed, and queen is still caught in the body of a snake.


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