City and castle Kočevje

Kočevje, Hocsevje, Hotzschevie, Chotzchevie, Göttscheab, Gotschee, Gottschee


Country: Slovenia
Region: Lower Carniola
Municipality: Kočevje
City: Kočevje
Object: Castle Kočevje
Origin: In 1650
Preservation: no visable traces

The settlement Kočevje is mentioned for the first time in 1040 as part of the Aquileian patriarchy.
*From the year 1350 to 1360, the Counts from Ortenburg settled Kočevje with German farmers, who, according to Johann Weichard Valvasor, were descendants of the Goth.
*In 1461 the Turks burned and plundered the old Kočevje market and its surroundings, so the inhabitants moved to the river peninsula and built a new, strongly fortified market with walls and towers.
* Between the 1469 and 1491, the Carniola region was invaded by Turks 22 times and one of the main routes in Slovenia led past Kočevje.
*In 1471, Izak Pasha with 15,000 men destroyed 5 markets and 200 villages in Carniola alone. What kind of damage was done to Kočevje is unknown.
*In the 19 April 1471, Emperor Friderik III elevated the new market to the status of a city.
*In 1511 there was a severe earthquake, followed by hunger and plague.
*In 1515, the Kočevje peasants revolted and killed the Baron Thurn, thus triggering the 1st Slovenian peasant rebellion. The whole city was burned down and destroyed.
*In 1596, the castle Kočevje was incinerated, and then again in 1684, but was soon restored.
*In 1791, under the Kočevje branch of noble Auerspergs, the city of Kočevje became a Duchy.
*During the Second War, castle was bombarded and completely destroyed. Ruins were removed and today a supermarket stands in its place.




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